BodyBoss: Pre-training, Week 1


A review of BodyBoss: Pre-training! (Disclaimer: I purchased the BodyBoss method with my own money. These are all my own opinions; I am not being paid in any way.)

Thus far, I have completed all of week 1 of the optional pre-training, and part of week 2. I decided to do the pre-training because I attempted the BodyBoss fitness challenge that you’re supposed to do before starting the program and after completing it – and I failed pretty miserably.

And pre-training has not been easy! It is one less round per HIIT days (so instead of 3 rounds of 7 minutes of exercise, it is 2 rounds of 7 minutes); the Power-up days stay the same. And each day has been different! I originally thought I’d be doing the same group of exercises, but the program changes it up each day – perfect for someone like me, who gets bored very easily when working out.

I’ve done 4 workouts total at this point. My first workout last Monday left me DRIPPING with sweat – I hadn’t felt so disgustingly sweaty and accomplished after a workout in a very long time. It was a solid full-body workout, which is also different from the non-pre-training program – the original program has one HIIT day for your lower body, one HIIT day for your upper body, and one Power-up day (full body).

The next day, I was mostly sore in my legs, but nothing felt too strained or tweaked. I honestly don’t love leg exercises beyond squats, but I’m glad for the variety because I do need to strengthen my legs if I’m going to run a 15k next March.

Last Wednesday’s workout was harder than Monday’s! HALF-BURPEES. ARE. THE. WORST. But! The following day I was actually less sore. I cannot emphasize enough how important the cool-down is. I don’t honestly enjoy the warm-up – static stretching before I exercise doesn’t feel effective. But the cool-down stretches (same as the warm-up stretches) feel amazing after the workout is over, even with sweat coursing down my body.

A final word on the HIIT days: The program suggests a number of reps to complete for each exercise; however, there have definitely been times during each HIIT workout thus far that I haven’t met that number of reps for certain exercises. Leg lifts, for example, are pretty difficult for me, and while I could have met the number of reps, it would have taken at least 2 minutes, which would not have left me with enough time to complete the other exercises within my allotted 7 minutes. So sometimes I do fewer reps of the exercises I have more difficulty with, in order to have at least done all of the exercises within the 7 minutes.

Fridays are Power-up days. 4 exercises with a number of reps each, 6 minutes to do as many circuits as possible. I did 4 circuits total, and I was pretty pleased. It’s full-body, so I had to hit the yoga mat for one exercise, and get up and move into the next fairly quickly. My heart rate was definitely up – and I think having a heart rate monitor would be helpful and informative. (I don’t currently have one, but I’m considering investing in a FitBit.)

I loved having the weekend off. I went out of town to visit my family, and I really enjoyed not having to worry about exercising! (I should probably be more considerate about what I eat, however.)

Overall impressions thus far:

The workouts have been tough, but not impossible. While I have missed some reps here and there on certain exercises, I still feel like I’ve gotten effective workouts. I think that with a cleaner diet, I will probably start seeing progress pretty rapidly!


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