Planner Review: Day Designer for Blue Sky


After I had purchased BodyBoss, I decided to buy a planner dedicated to charting my workouts and my progress (and because it’s really, REALLY easy for me to talk myself into buying a planner). I opted for the Day Designer for Blue Sky Monthly/Weekly, and if you’re into planner reviews, I’ve got one for you after the break!

I’ve tried numerous times to get into bullet journaling. I had a board dedicated to the topic on Pinterest, and I’ve bought at least 4 notebooks dedicated to the system. And I have completed exactly ZERO of those notebooks.

The one I’ve got currently is probably the best. I realized that I was trying too hard in the beginning – creating a spread for the monthly view, a weekly spread, a daily spread, trackers. It was too much work! So now I’ve got a system that is simply a list of appointments and events per month, and a weekly timetable.

I wanted something more structured for my workouts, though, and I wanted something that gave me enough room to plan my workouts and journal about them in the same space. For that purpose, this planner is perfect.


The monthly spread (Sunday start, which I do not like) gives me plenty of space to jot down each workout. I flip to the month and can quickly see what workouts I need to do, and what I need to plan around (appointments, vacations, etc.) in one glance. This will be helpful especially when I start my 15k training in the fall.


The weekly layout is pretty great! I am not usually a big fan of the horizontal layout, but this is similar to my work planner, so I am comfortable with it. I really like having my schedule on one side, and the to do section on the other. I list my workouts under the to do section, and I journal in the space for my schedule. The weekends are combined into one space, but I still have plenty of room to write down pertinent information – namely, my measurements and weight.


The cover is adjustable – I can slide out the cover page and put in my own cover. I plan to leave the page, but I might attach progress pictures to the front. That might be horribly embarrassing at first, but it’d be a damn good way to track my progress. Something to ponder.

That’s pretty much it! The planner comes with some goals-related pages in the front, and extra note-taking pages in the back. Since this is dedicated strictly to my workouts, I didn’t go into much depth.

Overall thoughts: This is a great basic planner, and I’m considering buying another one for work. It’s pretty and well-designed, and it’s been printed on excellent paper.


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