May Whole30 (pt. 2)

In my last post, I shared my experience with Whole30. It was a challenge, and I definitely did not enjoy every moment, but at the end of the 30 days, I felt pretty darn good.

And then I completely fell back onto my old eating habits.

I eat my meals very quickly, and I almost never eat mindfully. I love food, I love eating – but I’ve always considered the time I spent eating wasted if I didn’t multitask. So I’m usually reading or watching TV if I’m eating by myself. I’m also a snacker, and I very often reach for snacks (something sweet) while I’m at my desk at work – not because I’m hungry, but just because I want to eat.

Whole30 made me confront my bad eating habits, changing not just what I ate, but why and how. I can’t honestly say I ate that much more mindfully, but I was much more aware of what I was eating. I curbed my snacking, and I snacked on nuts or fruits instead of chocolate or cookies.

I want to get back to this healthier way of eating, and for my May Whole30, I really do want to try eating mindfully as well. I also want to cut back on coffee (just a tad – I’m not completely insane), and drink more water.

I also mentioned in my last post that I started eating meat again for this program. I’d been mostly vegetarian for over half a year at that point (I ate seafood); after my first Whole30, meat remained part of my diet.

But I simply can’t condone buying red meat. Inhumane animal treatment, reducing my carbon footprint, improving my health – these are the reasons why I went pescetarian in the first place. For my May Whole30 challenge, I do have some beef in the freezer that my mom bought for me. I plan to buy no red meat, however; my main sources of protein will be wild-caught seafood, and organic, cage-free poultry. And after May, I plan to cut out poultry and red meat altogether, keeping only seafood and eggs in my diet.

I’ll try posting updates throughout my next Whole30, and how my habits are improving!

Do you have any dietary restrictions, self-imposed or otherwise? What healthy eating habits have you implemented in your life?




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