My evening routine

Following up on my morning routine post, I thought I’d share with you how I unwind in the evenings!

Insomnia likes to flirt with me from time to time, and I’ve always countered by dosing myself with Benadryl to sleep through the night. But I really hate relying on drugs when I don’t have to, so I’ve implemented this routine to help me get a good night’s rest.

Exercise: I get home from work around 4:15pm. Once I’m home, I immediately change into workout clothes to dissuade me from skipping my workout. On Mondays, I usually do more yoga – right now, it’s been something from Adrienne’s beginners yoga routines on YouTube. I also do the NerdFitness beginner bodyweight circuit at least twice a week. I also plan to train for a 15k, so walking/running will be incorporated soon. And I rest on Fridays!

After working out, I take a quick shower. I’ve always been a night-shower person.

Meal prep: Once my workout is complete, I get started on dinner. I usually thaw out some form of animal protein the night before. (I was a vegetarian for a long while. Then, I did Whole30 in January, and I am back to eating meat on a semi-regular basis. More on that to come.) Steak or pork tacos are a favorite, as is shrimp.

Bullet journal: I’m usually the one who cooks, so my boyfriend cleans! After dinner, I leave the dishes for him to handle, and I sit down with my bullet journal. I update my habit and mood tracker pages, and review any upcoming appointments. I tick off or migrate my tasks. This updating process takes maybe 10 minutes. After that, I might add to a collection, or start a new one.

Create: Once I’ve wrapped up with what I consider to be my tasks for the day, I’ll break out the brush pens and paint! I like handlettering for fun, so I’ll usually give myself a little time to sketch and letter a piece in the evening. (If you’re interested, I have a lettering account on Instagram!)

QT: While I’m lettering, my boyfriend is usually gaming. We’ll usually wrap up around 7:30pm or so, and then we’ll both retreat to the couch for a little quality time. We’ll usually put on a show or a movie and just relax.

Devices off: Electronic devices are off at 9pm! Computers, TV, etc – I disconnect from it all at 9pm, and I dive into a book. Reading is and always will be my favorite past time, and the hour or so before bedtime is devoted entirely to fiction.

Sleep meditation: Around 10:30pm or so, I’ve been trying something new. I’ve been doing guided meditations through the Calm app. I’ll do one meditation, and then I’ll turn on a sleep story, and before more than a few minutes of the story have passed, I am fast asleep.

So that’s my evening routine! What do you do to unwind at the end of a busy day?





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