Whole, mindful, healthy living

Something about turning 30 made me reassess how and why I was living my life.

Okay – to be perfectly frank, I’ve actually been 30 for a few months now. This wasn’t some sort of lightning strike “eureka” moment that occurred on my birthday! It was the steady accumulation of information and experience over the past few months that led to me striving for my most whole self.┬áThere was an experiment in Whole30 eating. There was an extremely slow, yet eye-opening, 5k “run”. And there were a lot of little moments in between that added up to one big realization – that I was not living my best life.

So first, let’s assess the “why” – why am I living my life? Well, I recently decided that the purpose of my life is to spread positivity and joy. I want to leave a positive impact on the lives of people I encounter, on the space I inhabit, on the world around me.

How will I achieve this? By being my healthiest self, and truly nurturing my body – not simply taking it for granted as I’d been doing the past 30 years. By living mindfully, in the present moment.

And that journey to my best, most whole self starts here.

I hope to see you along the way!




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