The best way to guarantee a loss

I am such a quitter.


Ice skating? Quit after a year or two. (And I was pretty good!)

Piano lessons? Quit them after six months. (Wasn’t going to be a super pianist, anyway.)

Ballet? I quit after ONE DAY.  (Wo knows what I could have been?)


This trend applies to fitness, too. I get SUPER obsessive about something, go all out for anywhere from a month to a year, and then quit. Paleo, Zumba, barre classes – these are just a few fitness crazes I’ve tried and dropped.


Right now, I am passionately in love with weightlifting. I’ve only just begun, but I have loved picking up and moving heavy shit. (Heavy for me, that is. It’s all relative!) It gives me a really big rush, and I am so focused on things like form and stability that I just block out everything that’s going on around me, and in my head. It’s just me and the weights. Sometimes, I don’t even hear the music playing through my headphones.


I think it’s this intense focus and concentration that I really love. I don’t have time to worry about what the person behind me thinks about my butt, or how much the person next to me is lifting. I can’t waste mental space on being insecure when I’m standing on one leg and trying not to fall over. And it’s such a huge relief – a weight off my shoulders, if you’ll pardon the pun.


How much time a day do you spend feeling like you’re not good enough? How much time do you spend worrying about what other people might be thinking about you? If you’re anything like me, it’s TOO GODDAMN MUCH TIME. And it’s especially amplified at the gym, where someone is always running faster, or climbing harder, or looking better.


Finding an activity that requires all of my concentration AND makes me feel really freaking good has been a joy. I look forward to going to the gym – and I go at a stupidly early hour. I LOOK FORWARD to getting out of my warm bed at 5:15am, to GO TO THE GYM. My old self is wondering who the hell I am right now. And honestly, I don’t even know.


But I love it.


I just might have found something I don’t want to quit.


The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit. – Morgan Freeman


This too shall pass

Have you ever had a really bad day?

Have you ever had a really bad day that stretched into a week? Maybe even a month?

Have you ever had a really bad year?

We’ve all felt this way, yes?

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I exist as I am. That is enough.

I cannot stress enough the importance of looking at yourself, and realizing that you are worthy. Worthy of happiness, worthy of love, worth of respect – just the way you are, right this very second.

Did I say you were perfect? No. And this is every bit as important to remember – perfection is a myth. Perfection is impossible. Do not hold yourself to a mythical, impossible standard, because that will only set you up for heartbreak and failure.

Trust me on this.

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